Ph0wn 2018 - Wanna drink? Move your arm!


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Challenge description

In these challenge we were provided with an SSH access to a Lego robotic arm. We used Python in our solution, but a different approach is available on Duks’ blog.

Ph0wn aliens have abducted my coke and put it in the fridge. But, now, I am thirsty. Open the door with the robotic arm, and you will get a free coke … and a flag! Fortunately, the aliens have left a few instructions in case they would format their internal memory.

Author: ludoze

Challenge resolution

Once connected to the device, we had to identify what to do. A quick Google search showed that such kind of robot can be managed using Python scripting with the ev3dev package. Fortunately, we had a Python interpreter installed on the robot with the ev3dev package.

After taking a look at the ev3dev documentation, we were able to call the ev3dev.core.list_motors() function to retrieve the names of the three motors available on the robotic arm. A first one for up/down movement, a second for rotation and the last one managing the pinch.

There are many ways to move a motor. We decided to use a function which moves the motor for a certain duration at a certain speed:

from ev3dev.core import *

motor = Motor('motor_name')
motor.run_timed(time_sp=300, speed_sp=-750)

And it moved!

Note that the sense of rotation can be changed by setting speed_sp to a negative or positive value.

Then we just had to move the robotic arm until we were able to open the fridge :smiley:

Author: Crypt0-M3lon @Crypt0_M3lon

Post date: 2018-12-17