Ph0wn 2018 - Plot


Category: Misc

Challenge description

In this challenge we were only provided with a text file.

Aliens have tried to communicate with us! I’m sure of it! Look: they have sent us an extremely strange file. Can you help us understanding its meaning? What format is it? I hope it is a message of peace!!!

strange.file: SHA256 afe71bd0aa06dfeff51a4c45695e9268ab4fe387b420125f509c9b17a1e7ef5b

Author: cryptax

Challenge resolution

A short analysis of the file showed that it was a G-code language program. We used Ultimaker Cura to create a 3D simulation containing the flag:

Author: Crypt0-M3lon @Crypt0_M3lon

Post date: 2018-12-17